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"Pay-What-You-Can" Group Coaching

My bi-monthly "Pay What You Can" group coaching sessions happen live and in-person every other Wednesday at Sunlight Studios in New York City. Reserve your spot today! Space is limited!

(Suggested minimum donation: $10.00)


I'm James Beaman.

I’m a damn good coach. I love working with performers of all ages.


Acting has been my life for over thirty years, and I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to my coaching. My diverse and multi-talented clients work!


Take a look around the site. Let me share my approach and the successes I’ve had with it. Then come coach with me!


It’s all about The Work.

What is The Work?

My approach starts with the radical proposition that the preparation of an audition should be no different than the preparation of a role. Performers place too much attention and energy on things we can’t control. Speculating on “what THEY want.” Trying to cultivate a handful of qualities or skills
that we’ve been told are “on trend.”


I bring you back to your craft. The techniques and the creative processes you employ once you have the part! The joy of performing that led you here.

The Work is, in the end, YOUR Work.


With me as your coach, your choices will flow from your authentic self and make the most of your best qualities.


What clients have to say about Coach James Beaman:


"Four auditions, four callbacks, and a booking later I have been so thrilled working with him.  He gave me an idea that I would never have come up with on my own. I went with it and in the words of the director, 'that was spectacular.'   And that people,  is Jamie Beaman! "

J. Cameron Barnett

FX's Pose

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